Change, what does it actually mean?

At the beginning of a New Year, we often make plans and think of things where we could do better. We want to improve our nutritional habits, workout more, relax more etc. All of those means a change in something.

And even more, a change usually also means giving up on something else. In order to do something more, we often need to do less of something else.

If I want to improve my nutritional habits, I often need to give up on some bad habits that I have. You need to add more of the good stuff and decrease eating the bad stuff. Makes sense right?

But what does it mean becoming a better runner?

The biggest obstacle I see stopping some people that I train, is the fact that they haven't truly made the decision of changing. Coming back to what I wrote above, if you want to change you need to be willing to give up on something that you are currently doing!

When improving or often changing the running technique, it means that you will need to give up on the distance and work your way back by owning the skill first. Because, you wouldn't say that you're going to improve your nutritional habits, but still keep on eating a chocolate bar every day. That would not make any sense, right?

So whatever change you are planning to do, make sure you have it clear in your head; Why you want to do the change? And What that actually means in practice?

When you have those things sorted out in your head, then nothing can really stop you. Change means giving up on something, but the reward that will be waiting for you in the end is usually a lot bigger! :)

This year is another great chance to become a better runner! ;)

Coach Ansku - Skill Based Running Coaching