Why do we need movement standards?

"Every single person who runs goes through the Running Pose, but not everybody is Pose Running." - Pose Method

To be able to improve and analyze a movement, we need movement standards. You know those; we practice the Burgener Warm-up and learn how a sequence of poses leads into us getting under a heavy load held on straight arms on top of our head. That does not happen by chance of luck. No, we practice the different poses that lead into the end result. We know that the more efficient we are in getting from a pose to another, the more we can lift. We would never think of just starting to Snatch without any understanding of the movement itself. Right?

Well running should be no different from that. 

"Every single person who runs goes through the Running Pose, but not everybody is Pose Running. That is why video analysis is essential. The video reveals what happens before and after the runner goes through the Running Pose. And that is what makes all the difference. Some runners go from Running Pose to Running Pose, that is what the Pose Method of Running essentially teaches, and others land on the heel or flatfooted, roll through, then attempt to toe off as they also attempt to produce full knee extension thinking they are propelling themselves somewhere as they waste precious seconds and significant effort on completely unnecessary commotion."

- Pose Method

That's why the video analysis of running is very standardized as well. We have the standard of a running pose that we know every runner goes through. That is the point in the movement when any forward movement can start to happen ( and that's the goal in running). So what we want to know is how efficiently a runner goes from a pose to another and how much of extra movement a runner does outside those poses.

Does it help a runner to improve knowing the angle of their knee flexion? Not really, as it doesn't really have a meaning to the athlete. How do you then practice that? Should it be more or less and how will it eventually affect the running performance?

A runner will benefit from knowing what extra movement is happening and how to eliminate that. 

"Movement related misuse injuries and pain are our signals that we’re deviating from the already existing standard of movement. Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, won’t change this standard."

"Think of any possibility of teaching without any standards. It’s impossible, because you can’t build any movement without knowing the forces influencing your body parts, and you can’t correct any errors in your movement, because errors are by definition deviations from the standard."

- Pose Method

We will never get to a point when our movement is "just perfect" and we can stop doing any technique work. No, that's the point when you will stop improving. If you understand the meaning of a movement standard, then you also understand that the closer you are to that the more efficiently you will move. If you can eliminate extra unnecessary movement, you will spend less energy in the same distance. So the faster and longer you can go without fighting against the laws of nature.

You get better results with less effort and don’t traumatize your body in the process.

 - Pose Method

running pose sequence.jpg

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