The difference between a goal and a dream

On the verge of a new year, many of us are looking back on the year behind us thinking; What did I learn? Where am I now in my life? Where would I like to be in a year from now?

Mirroring the past is a good way to start setting goals for the year ahead as quite often do we realize that the goals are a lot similar to what we set for the past year too. So if this is the case, why are we not there yet?

A dream is the big picture, the final destination. Something a little bit blurry sometimes, a feeling, a fulfillment of some kind. A dream doesn't have clear lines, its not measurable nor can it be tracked in defined metrics. It's quite often a place of happiness; how we'd feel if we had something, or if we were something.

There's nothing wrong in dreaming, quite much the opposite; dreams are the driving force behind us, that something that keeps us going through tough times. But for dreams to come true it requires GOALS.

A goal is the plan to our dreams. The footsteps that guide us to the final destination. A goal is measurable, clearly defined and timed.

A goal has an action plan that answers to all of the questions:




" My dream is to be 10kg lighter, because I'd feel better about myself if I was. So my goal is to loose 2kg/month by reducing my habit of comfort eating. How I'm planning to stop this cycle of eating when I'm unhappy is to call my friend at times I'd usually eat to drown my sorrows. My friend has agreed to be my support through my journey. Staying accountable to not just to myself, but to her too, will help me with sticking with my plan."

After the Goals has been set, you work your way to your dreams!

We wish you an excellent year of 2017! May you fulfill your dreams and dream new, bigger dreams next year!

- Stadi Fit Health Center Team